Trading Conditions

300+ assets available for trading. Ultra-low spreads, low interest rate swaps, no hidden fees. Transparency is our key value.

  • 55+ currency pairs – majors, crosses and exotics

  • 24 hours a day, 5 days a week

  • Leverage up to 500:1

  • Tight spreads and NO re-quotes

  • Trade the most liquid market in the world

  • Trade with NO hidden charges
  1. 1. Risk disclaimer. Trading Forex and CFD is risky. Losses can exceed your initial deposit. Read full documentation before you start trading.
  2. 2. The Company reserves the right for 5 hours before market close, before weekends and holidays to set leverage on a Client’s trading account at no more than 1:100 if the trading account current leverage exceeds 1:100.
  3. 3. The Company reserves the right to modify a swap value without notifying preliminarily the Client.
  4. 4. The procedure and terms for affording transactions on purchase/sale of financial instruments on the market are defined by Order execution policy.
  5. 5. Warning Notice: Quotes delayed 30 seconds.